The Whiskey Film is a feature length documentary and visual personification of one of America’s most beloved alcoholic beverages. In chapter form, the stories of the farm land and places where whiskey begins, the ups and downs and complex nature of life as a distiller, and the art form of the distilling process itself will unfold, illustrating each of the key influences that make a great whiskey: art, science, agriculture, time, history, creativity, and education. Follow along and witness the beautiful journey of whiskey from grain to glass.

It’s a single strand of barley that becomes one with an entire field at the first touch of a summer breeze. It’s the slow and steady drip from the still. The rustic remnants of fire that wafts out of an empty barrel waiting to be filled. It’s the unmistakable flavors of vanilla and caramel that only come with time, and patience, and passion. It’s the swirl of a glass, and the subtle heat creeps over your lips, awakening your senses at the first drop. It’s whiskey — the water of life.

The Whiskey Film is produced and created by Traverse Image LLC, a Colorado Film Company with an outdoor focus crafting films. Founded in 2015, Traverse Image LLC is a full service production company with a specialization in documentary production. The Whiskey Film is a (1) 90 minute original title available for slated for distribution in early 2019.


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